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TV of Tomorrow Hackathon at SF’s Spur Urban Center

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Developers, entertainment creatives from television, online media, and more participated last weekend in the TV of Tomorrow (TVOT) hackathon at San Francisco’s Spur Urban Center.  imageOver 100 contestants were challenged to define the television of tomorrow, and incorporate this theme into their apps.  The result was phenomenal with cool apps able to operate television controls through voice, a celebrity search app allowing users to find shows with their favorite actor, record them, and saved onto a set-top box for later viewing all done remotely from a mobile phone, and much more.imageTVOT organizer Tracy Swedlow kicked off the hackathon Saturday morning.  image

I attended the event as a Mashery sponsor and announced the Mashery prize for the Best App Using the Mashery API Network: up to (3) GoPro3 cameras. image

I also provided on-site Hacker League support and directed developers to new Hacker League templates for optimizing their page design.imageHackers occupied the 2nd floor and 4th floor which featured an “API Cave” designated for sponsor presentations and workshops.imageDuring my “How To Build a Mobile App with the Mashery API Network,” a business development representative volunteered to follow my direction and build a mobile app in front of the participating crowd.  In the end, our volunteer and those who followed obtained their Beats Music and Rotten Tomatoes API keys and built their first app using the Intel XDK app builder.image

I was visited by Koshi Samarasinghe from the Mashery Customer Program Success Team Sunday morning who was anxious to strengthen her hackathon skills and meet and mentor participants.image

imageSunday afternoon, developers were instructed to stop coding, or as Tracy said, “Pencils down!”  and presentations began shortly after.  The Mashery prize was awarded to the four person team “TV Duffle,” the app that takes users to the places they see on TV.  “TV Duffle” used the TMS API to display current shows being played and the Hotwire API for trip planning.  imageNotable hacks included “Curated TV,” an experience that provides users easy access to multi-channel online services, apps, and streaming internet sites into a single personalized Guide on TV which also used the TMS API along with technologies from Gracenote, DirecTV, Boxfish, Brightcove, and the National Geographics Channels.imageOne of the laster presenters “Safer TV” created a realtime tv content analyzer.  image“TV Duffle,” “Curated TV” and “Safer TV” were voted the top three apps of the TVOT hackathon.image

I want to give special thanks to Tracy Swedlow for her great TVOT leadership and hard work.  Her passion for television, technology, and creative artists resonated throughout the event, which was truly awesome to see.  imageAlso, special thanks to Ching-Wei Chen of Gracenote/TMS for his continued support of the TVOT hackathon and valuable experience.imageThank you volunteers for all your help especially in setting up the delicious meals. Lastly, thanks to the SF developer community for your participation and inspiring innovation.imageYou can read about all the TVOT registered apps here at Hacker League.


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