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The Next Web: Kings of Code Hack Battle, Amsterdam

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Last week, we had the opportunity to help developers battle it out at the Kings of Code Hack Battle in Amsterdam.

Organized by the folks at The Next Web in conjunction with the über-awesome TNW Conference, the Hack Battle was a lot of fun.

Some really good quality hacks were produced in less than 36 hours. What impressed us the most was the energy and enthusiasm of the developers.

The bulk of the developers ended up hacking all night. Kudos to the TNW team for securing an amazing venue space which allowed hackers to stay overnight and do what the do best - write incredible code!

Hosted at the jaw-dropping venue - Westergasfabriek (say that 5 times as fast as you can) - a former gas factory in Amsterdam, now used as a cultural venue. One of the best hackathon spaces you’ll ever witness.

Quick Look

  • On 23-24 April 2014, TNW hosted the Kings of Code Hack Battle at the beautiful Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam as part of the TNW Conference.
  • Over 120 developers attended.

  • Over 35 hacks were built in less than 36 hours.

  • 7 Apps were built using APIs from the Mashery network.
  • After hacking for 36 hours, developers got a chance to take center stage at the TNW conference and demo the apps to the conference audience. Kudos to the TNW team for giving developers the opportunity to not just build in a collaborative way, but also provide a platform to showcase what they built to a greater audience.

Mashery Hacks built

  1. HolyCelcius - A really slick mobile app that allows you to travel to places that match your desired temperature using weather data from World Weather Online & Flight data from British Airways API.

  2. PineFo - A web aggregator that allows you to build collections of news items from content websites like Springer & Pearson. Uses the Springer API to also recommend a list of articles which match your preferences.

  3. Semasearch - An incredibly useful browser plugin was the overall winner of the Kings of Code Hack Battle, and also the winner of Best app built using Mashery API Network. The add-on provides contextual information from a number of different sources, including Wikipedia and Crunchbase, for any word or term that appears on the webpage. Using Crunchbase API, for instance, it can pull up information about a company in the side bar. All you need to do is highlight the word you would like to get some contextual information on.

  4. HipsterCity - is the ultimate city guide for hipsters, with a trending list of the coolest places in a selected city + a special hipster approved playlist per city. Uses the World Weather Online API to get the current weather conditions of a city and then taps into Instagram and Twitter to pick out the most popular places in seven cities, based on the current volume quantity of related tweets and photos.

  5. Beat for Speed - An iOS app that plays music depending on the speed you are driving. Slowing down… let’s you listen to Bob Marley. Doing 180 on the German highway? Rammstein baby! In addition to the speed, it also looks at location, weather, time, and your personal favorites to play you the perfect song. It also allows you to share your playlist with friends, and even buy tickets for artists that may be performing live near you using Jambase API! Demo Video

  6. - allows you to discover concerts using the Jambase API and play music from those artists using Deezer.

  7. Film Trivia - An app that uses Rotten Tomatoes API to let you search for movies and see any interesting tweets about it by the people responsible for the movie (director & main actors) during the time of production. The idea was that this would give an insight into what transpires behind the scenes when a film is under production - facts, pictures, trivia.

Here’s TNWs’s coverage of the top 15 hacks built at Hack Battle, including the winners of the Best app built using Mashery API Network - Sema Search.

Complete list of Hacks built on Hacker League

Huge shoutout to the TNW team (am looking at you - Anne, Sam, Dennis & rest of the Hack Battle Team) for putting up a fantastic show. Look forward to the NYC version later this year!