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Wearable Devices Take Center Stage at AT&T Hackathon

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Developers competed for over $50,000 in cash and prizes at the Annual AT&T Developers Summit Hackathon in the Vegas Palms Casino just before the start of CES.  


The most popular challenge of the event was building apps for wearable devices. Contestants used Pebble watchesPlantronic headsets and more to wow the judges. Developers borrowed Intel Galileo Development Boards and created their own wearable device.  


My team built “FireWatch,” a firefighter management software and hardware tool which won an AT&T Wireframe Challenge.  We created a handsfree attendance system utilizing Qualcomm’s Gimbal Proximity Beacons, used Ericsson sensor network to detect heat danger, and AT&T’s M2X to record and distribute analytics information.  We also added a monitoring system which included maps with surveillance cameras using the TomTom Traffic Camera and Esri Maps APIs.  


The AT&T API challenge was won by previous Mashery Hackathon Winners Cathy Han and Nick Porter.  Their team created “M,” the anywhere ATM app which activates users’ allowable monies to be transacted to receiving users.  


Team FooDraw won the  Intel/AT&T Internet of Things Challenge with their food scanning, calorie detector app.  


Hackathon participants were treated to a concert headlined by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shortly after the event.


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