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Hacker League is joining the Mashery family

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The following is a post by Swift, Founder of Hacker League

I’m excited to announce that Mashery, an Intel Company, has acquired the assets of Hacker League.

Just twenty-four short months ago, my co-founders and I built a prototype of Hacker League in a college dorm room and launched it with a single hackathon.  Since then, hackathon organizers in the US and abroad have listed and powered over 450 events on the platform creating a massive community of developers who now count on us to showcase their work every day.


Together, Abe Stanway, Ian Jennings, and I brought Hacker League a long way, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch Mashery bringing it to the next level. 

As the world’s leading API management provider, Mashery has demonstrated its commitment to the developer community from day one. Mashery evangelists participate in and organize 60+ hackathons each year, all over the world.  


I’ve been to many of those events and have had the distinct pleasure of witnessing their amazing work first hand. Mashery has a long history of investing in open source projects and community initiatives like I/O Docs and sample apps. Now they’re investing in Hacker League for the future of developers and hackathon organizers.

Mashery’s own developer community represents 235,000 developers who have retrieved API keys, and have more than 88,000 active applications in development or in production. Increasingly, those developers are looking to showcase their coding talent and API knowledge as they learn to create and prototype at hackathons.


I’ll be working closely with the Mashery team to make sure that the existing Hacker League developer community and hackathon organizers continue to get the best value out of Hacker League. You’ll be able to count on the same high quality experience you’ve come to expect and things will only continue to get better now that Hacker League has the commitment of an organization like Mashery behind it. I couldn’t be more excited for Hacker League’s future and I hope you are too.

Happy hacking,

Founder, Hacker League.


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