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Fun Food Hackathon

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What is the difference between the “sell by date” of a food and it’s actual expiration date? Can I purchase fruits and vegetables grown in my community and collaborate with local farmers to grow foods my family needs? The Future of Food Hackathon assembled the food, tech, and Bay Area community to develop applications to answer these questions and improve our food system. Over 200 attendees gathered at the Tagged headquarters for this two day event.


Developers, designers, and participants entered the event treated to a delicious breakfast of muffins and scones. Company presentations proceeded the meal with speakers from Yummly, The Orange Chef Company, and Mashery’s very own Neil Mansilla introduced the FoodEssentials, FoodCareLabs, PeerIndex, Klout, Active, and SportsData APIs. Hackathon participants eagerly waited their turn to present ideas in the pre-pitch session.  A loud “Gong” ended each participants pitch.  Teams were formed and hacking commenced and continued to midnight.


The second day opened with a Yoga session attended by organizers Timothy West, Wayne Sutton, and others.  A series of panels addressing our food system continued throughout the Hackathon.  Contestants listened to the talks for ideas to implement into their apps.  Final demos began in the afternoon with the reintroduction of the “Gong” to signal the end of each presentation.


21 apps were submitted and the Mashery prize (Molecular Gastronomy Kit and Google Nexus 7 tablets) was awarded to an awesome six person team that created Edibly, a mobile application that helps people waste less food by providing users with real expiration dates.  The team transformed their phones into food barcode scanners and invoked the FoodEssentials API for food content information.  The teams that created BuenaMia! (helping users feel good through healthy foods and active events), Food Trk (improving the Food Truck experience), and Project Grellin (healthy restaurant finder) used the FoodEssentials, FoodCareLabs, and Active APIs.


The overall winner was FoodForest, a web application allowing users to form communities and contribute resources for growing and sharing food. A surprise musical “food rap” performance from Airbnb Chef Sam Lippman entertained the crowd at the conclusion of the event. 


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