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<huddle> 42.. 42.. Ready.. Set.. Hack! On Deck Cup Sports Hackathon

Mashed by: @mansilladev

The NHL’s new season has just gotten started. The NFL regular season is about to shift into high gear. Playoff baseball championship series are just getting started. It is indeed the fall, an ideal time for both faithful and fair weather fans to get heads down with a sports hackathon. The organizers of the On Deck Conference, a sports technology event, have put together a series of events called the On Deck Cup — a four-city sports themed hackathon. The best sports app hackers of Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have been facing off for the past several weeks, culminating into a final event that will crown the champion later this month.


Mashery sponsored and attended the On Deck Cup SF this past weekend and was accompanied by fellow sponsor and Mashery customer SportsData LLC. SportsData provides a number of APIs for real-time and historic sports data, including scores, plays, rosters, injuries, standings and more. API teams of other companies were also on hand including: Yahoo! Fantasty SportsVenmoSeatGeekTwilio and SendGrid.


Above: Twilio Dev Evangelist Carter Rabasa helping out with his API.

Soon after the event kicked off, teams huddled up into meeting rooms and the common area, not wasting a moment. The venue, WeWork, was a beautiful co-working space in SoMA, with plenty of comfortable and usable work spaces perfect for a hackathon. It was a bit quiet in the common area as teams spread out, so we fired up the Big Jambox and got democratized the airwaves with


Teams drove all night, all the way through to Sunday morning, where Turntable was benched, and NFL RedZone took the helm. 5 simultaneous football games projected on an enormous wall was not enough to distract the hackers from working all the way down to the buzzer. 9 teams finished and were ready to demo.


Above: Judges Vishwas Prabhakara, Tom Masterman (Sports Data), Carter Rabasa (Twilio), Michael Frank and Kelly Hirano (Yahoo!).

Notable hacks:
  • CrowdSporting by Erik, Shawn, Donnie and Beth - If you’re familiar with “pick ‘em” where players pick who they believe will win between two opposing teams, you’ll love CrowdSporting. WIth this app, players aren’t stuck with their pick — they can switch at any time, are scored by their “winning percentage” (the amount of time their decision was correct). CrowdSporting was selected for the Best use of a Mashery Network API for integrating the Sports Data API, taking home a brand new Jawbone Big Jambox in Mashery Red.

  • Fortune Rookie II by Nathaniel Wroblewski and Yaron Sadka. The app name was so good, that two teams wanted to use it. Fortune Rookie II is like a stock market for NFL rookies. Investors that can successfully predict whether a player will be picked in the first round will be rewarded with prizes.

  • Hat Trick by Andrew, Eric, Carlos and Ivy - How about a trivia game that never repeats questions? That would be as good as a comedian who never repeats a joke. Powered by the SportsData API and Wikipedia, team Hat Trick did just that, filled with thousands of sports trivia questions. Their native iOS app had slick UI and UX components, complete with subtle background images. The team even managed to integrate Twilio for SMS gameplay. Sports Data selected Hat Trick to win their prize — 6 months of free access to the Sports Data APIs!


Above: Team CrowdSporting, winner of the Best Use of a Mashery Network API (for their SportsData API integration)

Hat Trick was crowned the On Deck Cup SF champ, and will continue to the final round later this month against the winners from the other three cities. They also won $1,000 in SeatGeek Money — seats to any professional sporting events of their choice.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Developers truly upped their game at this evening, with incredible mobile native apps and beautiful UIs. Big thanks to SeatGeek and Yahoo! Sports for putting together this awesome event. We’re looking forward to the On Deck West Conference, and seeing the winners square off in the finals!