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HackRU - Spring 2013

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This past weekend, the Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists (USACS) at Rutgers hosted its bi-annual hackathon HackRU at the Cook Campus Center at the Rutgers University. HackRU is a 24-hour student hackathon that brings together new coders, and top college talent to produce awesome apps. The event is open to anyone willing to spend the weekend hacking for honor, glory and some cool prizes, including the coveted Mashery red BIG JAMBOX!


Over 250 students hacked all night to build over 40 hacks in just under 24 hours.


Look! That’s Matt Kaiser┬ánext to the red hooded fella on the furthest left hacker table!

This included the usual suspects of web apps/mobile apps in addition to what I suspect would be a core part of future hackathons - increasing number of hardware hacks.


Hardware hacking galore at HackRU - from the Makerbots to the Watering tractor to the glowing yoyo - HackRU had it all.

Best Mashery Hack

Let’s Plan Gen - Best app built using Mashery API Network - allows you to plan your day by pulling data like fitness activities happening around a given location via’s search API and list of all movies currently playing in local theaters, with showtimes using Tribune Media Services’ Data Delivery APIs.


More Mashery powered hacks

  1. Hangout - An Android app that checks the movies that are currently playing in Theaters using Rotten Tomatoes API, places to eat and fun activities using Yelp API.


  2. mp3 Meta Fixer - A very handy hack that pulls songs via the Rdio API and analyses songs to find their meta data and add that meta data.
  3. Drop Screamer - An Android app that screams and flashes when the phone is dropped and then pulls up some choices on the new phone you can buy using BestBuy’s product catalog API :)

Code. Play. Fun.

It wasn’t all code though. As is the norm, hackers always find ways to entertain themselves/keep energized.


Mashery powered Bubble Tea recharged the developers in the middle of the night.


Boy, does Rutgers love the Bubble Tea :)


And of course the awesome Mashery swag is always a hit!



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